What Is Hardware?

Hardware is a set of physical components that is used to store and execute information in a computer. These components come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. They can be both internal and external.

The main component of hardware is the processor. It performs all of the logical and mathematical operations that are necessary for a computer to function. The processor has a built-in chip that contains millions of transistors.

Another component of hardware is the motherboard. It acts as a central hub for all other hardware, and coordinates with the other parts of the system.

Other types of hardware include the hard disk drive, which stores permanent data. An optical disc is another type of storage device that can be used for transferring data between computers.

There are also network-related hardware components, such as a router, which enables a home or office network to connect to the internet. Bridges allow multiple devices to be connected to a router. Network-related hardware is usually connected to a router via a twisted pair or fiber cable.

A graphics processing unit is also considered hardware. These units are chip-based and often act as an extension of the main CPU.

External input/output devices include a monitor and speaker. These devices display images and other information. Users can also produce copies of documents by using a printer.

Computers have other hardware, such as the keyboard and mouse. Keyboards provide a way for users to input text and special characters.


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