What Is Application Software?

Application software refers to the programs that run on your computer. It can be a simple word processor or a complex database system. These applications are designed to be useful to users. The main goal of application software is to simplify operation.

Applications can be installed on your computer or your mobile device. Some are downloaded from app stores while others are accessed through a web browser. Apps are usually developed to function on a specific platform.

Many apps are available on the Android market and on the Apple App Store. Some of the most popular apps are browsers, messaging clients, games, and social networking apps. You can find millions of apps to choose from.

Applications are also classified into different categories. Depending on the licensing style, an application may be considered proprietary, shareware, or open source.

Shareware is application software that is freely available for a short period of time. Examples of shareware are anti-virus software, Adobe Reader, and WinZip. Users must pay for continued use of the application.

Open source applications are typically licensed under a public license. In addition, you can often download these applications for free. Typically, open source application software comes with the source code.

Applications are available for various platforms, including desktops, tablet computers, and mobile phones. Some applications can operate without an Internet connection. Other applications work only on one type of hardware, such as Linux.

A popular mobile application is WhatsApp. This app allows you to message friends, send pictures, and play games. Another example of an app is Angry Birds.


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