Types of Software

Generally, software is considered to be any program that runs on a computer. It can be an operating system, application software, or a device driver.

Application software includes a broad range of programs that run applications for a user. These applications are designed to help people perform various tasks, and offer solutions to problems. Applications include office productivity applications, communications platforms, and databases. They are often used in businesses, as well as for educational purposes.

An example of application software is the word processor. Word processing software allows users to input and edit text, as well as format, consolidate, and beautify it. Other examples of this type of software are graphics software, which helps create and edit visual data.

System software is the base for application software. System software coordinates the functions of all the hardware and software on a computer. Besides the operating system, system software also includes debuggers, firmware, and other programs.

Programming software is used to develop, test, and write code. Developers can use different programming languages to build software. Some of the programming software includes compilers, interpreters, and debuggers.

Video games are also available for computers. Games usually require player interaction, and can be played on a personal computer or on a video game console. However, they can be played on mobile devices as well.

Freeware is a type of software that is offered for free, but is subject to copyright restrictions. This type of software is typically provided as a free trial. Those who wish to purchase the full version must get a license key.


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