Types of Software

Softwares are programs designed to help run a computer. These include word processors, databases, graphics software, presentation software, and other applications.

A computer cannot function without software. There are several types of softwares, but they all work together to make a computer perform the functions that it was designed to do.

Applications are a special type of software. They provide the user with a specific set of functions, and can be either self-contained or run through a collection of programs. Examples of application software are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer.

Application software may also include games and communication apps. It can be downloaded for free on many operating systems, but there are some restrictions. For example, some shareware products require a license key to activate, and some only deliver the entire product for a limited period of time.

The other main form of software is system software. System software is often prepared by computer manufacturers and serves as an interface between the hardware and the end users. This software is a collection of programs, written in low-level languages, that are required to keep a computer running.

Other types of software include firmware, device drivers, and programming software. Firmware provides instructions to the hardware that are permanently engraved onto the device. Unlike other types of software, this software stays on the device whether the device is on or off.

Device drivers control connected peripherals, such as printers, and monitor the performance of the system. In addition, driver software can be used to troubleshoot problems.


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